A few words about us

Let us introduce ourselves

Welcome to Peete Mesquite’s BBQ.

Peete Mesquite BBQ was opened in the 1980’s by Doug Gillow, a retired Southern Pacific Railroad employee and his wife, Joyce. They lived in Llano and Doug had worked at a BBQ restaurant there, so he decided to open one to keep him busy during his retirement.  They opened Peete Mesquite in Johnson City and later moved to Marble Falls in 1992. Time went by and then around 1998 a couple, Wayne and Lanell Henderson heard that Doug might be interested in selling. Wayne and Lanell had eaten at Peete’s many times so they were excited to talk to Doug about buying the restaurant.  Wayne is an executive chef and Lanell is an accountant so they felt they could run it. Wayne started his culinary career in Picadilly Cafeterias in 1978.  He had a vision even then to own his own restaurant.  Thru the 40 years of expanding his knowledge and experience, his one goal was to build a one of a kind eatery that customers would enjoy and return to many times. After almost a year and a half of trying to convince Doug of their ability, he finally sold Peete Mesquite BBQ to the Hendersons and on May 1, 1999 the happy couple took over the business.

Thank you,

Wayne and Lanell Henderson